The Beginning

I was 12 years old and my dad asked if I wanted to golf with one of my friends and his dad in a foursome. I giggled and mumbled "foursome" and said sure. My friend's dad's company was having a golf outing and they invited my dad and me to join. It was at Trump National Golf Course in New Jersey. I remember the thinking the place was so fancy from the cart girls and bartenders at each hole, to the "cool golf carts with TVs in them". I remember after the round I ran out of the bathroom to my father yelling "they have gold toilets! We should golf everyday!". It was obvious I was more accustomed to an Appleby's rather than the Four Seasons.

It was probably the nicest and most expensive place I've ever played and though I have grown a lot since then and certainly not stick out as much, I would still probably feel a little out of place.

Even though I golfed that one day, it wasn't until Community College I would pick up a club again. At a little par 3 course on the Jersey Shore, my friend and I would play before work and after class. We didn't know what we were doing but we both wanted to learn more about the game. We quickly became regulars and even got a couple free rounds! We knew we were really getting somewhere when the groundskeeper started giving us pointers on our unconventional swings and would follow us through 9 holes.

After Community College I began to work a lot more and relocated to Tampa, FL, where I unintentionally took about a three year break from golf until the pandemic hit. Once my classes went online, and I no longer was working two jobs, I decided to break out my old clubs and give it another shot.