Diamond in the Rough

Today I played at Diamond Hill in Rover, FL just east of downtown Tampa. Diamond Hill is a unique course in the sense that on many holes there is a good amount of elevation that needs to be taken into consideration before each shot. The course is somewhat forgiving with a lot of open space on a many of the holes, allowing the player to hip fire and spray off the tee. It does however, also contain angulating, and usually fast greens with the occasional false front and two tier green. There are two par 3's (one on each nine) that features a tee box significantly higher above the green with an over-water shot. These also call for nice views and fun closest-to-the-pin challenges. There are also a couple of drivable greens which offers a high risk-reward for ambitious drivers.

Today the course was playing more difficult with rain in the morning and high winds in the afternoon. I am a bit spoiled when it comes to weather conditions, since most of the time I am taking advantage of cheap rates during the summer, usually not even considering wind. My other excuse for shooting 103 today was that I have once again changed my swing. For those who don't know, I very regularly change my swing which some could argue shows improvement but when its just about every week, it's hard to tell. This week, I was working on creating lag between my hips twisting and my arms following which resulted in my shoulders being lower at impact which explains why most of my shots were chunky. It will take some time to feel more comfortable as it always does and we can just hope somewhere down the line it pays off. It also doesn't help to three putt every green in regulation I hit...

Anyway, more stuff to come soon, let me know where and how you guys are playing, and keep at it. Go hit some balls!