I'm just like you, I started golfing during the pandemic.  Do I love it? Yes.  Do I sometimes wish I didn't? Yes, but here I am with a golf website.  I golf regularly, once to three times a week depending on the season and my workload (I work a normal 9-5 just like you).  

My level of golf is probably similar to yours.  To some people I'm terrible and to others well maybe we're even.  My handicap stands right now at a whopping 22.4 and maybe surprisingly, is a great improvement from when I started.  

I live in the Tampa Bay Area in Florida and I'm just looking to learn, grow and improve with the other thousands of people who decided to take up this aggressively humbling sport.  So stay a while, feel free to interact or reach out, or just observe, but most importantly, go hit some balls.